Become A Great Parent!

Many parents fall into the trap of becoming too distant or too friendly, therefore, harming the overall relationship they have with their child.

All parents wish there was an all-knowing book that teaches them the secrets of parenthood, but there, unfortunately, isn't. It is up to us to learn right and wrong, and hopefully, make as few mistakes as we possibly can.

Here are six essential tips that can help you build a foundation for becoming a good parent:

1. Your child is impressionable, and how you react in any situation is always being closely watched. When you fly off the handle in anger, your child can end up fostering hostility towards you. The mantra that says you should think before you act should apply to your parenting.

2. Stop spoiling your child and assuming that it represents love. The problem with most parents is that they feel guilty about working too much or not being around enough, therefore, they lower their expectations, let things slide and essentially, spoil their children. Material possessions should never replace love for your children or serve as a substitute for you not being around.

3. Be an involved parent in the life of your child. That means to allow your child to have a prominent place in your life, and give work and other hobbies a chance to take a backseat.

4. Establish ground rules for your child to follow. Set limits for what you will allow your child to do in your household, but don't discourage independence. As a child matures, he or she will start to do things more independently, but this should not be mistaken for disobedience or rebelliousness.

5. Be consistent in the things you punish your child for. Don't allow your opinions and expectations to wander and change from day-to-day. Your child will respect you if you set firm ground rules and stick to them.

6. Harsh discipline should not be used on your child. It has been proven that spanking or hitting your child can negatively impact him or her psychologically. Most children that are harshly disciplined turn into bullies, and later on, criminals.

How can you become a good parent? The key to the secret lies in following the rules set forth above. By treating your child with respect and establishing reasonable forms of discipline, you will foster a warm and loving relationship.